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Why you should consider an MBO

13th January, 2022

Most of the Management Buyouts (MBO) we work on DON’T START with the management team saying to us, “we’d like to do an MBO”.   Most of the MBOs we work on […]

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2021 Annual Newsletter

16th May, 2021

  We’re delighted to announce Forward Corporate Finance has a fourth year under its belt, and what a year it’s been. As we gradually emerge with blinking eyes into a new world […]

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Your most valuable asset…. Don’t just roll the dice!

8th October, 2020

When you are looking to sell your business, or raise money to fund growth or a management buyout, you are opening your company up to the scrutiny of third parties.  That might […]

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2020 Annual Newsletter

11th May, 2020

Like many others we are celebrating our milestone in lockdown, remotely, in various rooms of our houses. Already looking back at last year seems like a world away. But without dwelling on […]

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Still learning in lockdown…

6th May, 2020

After completing my A-Levels I left school for the big wide world with a total lack of clarity in what I wanted to pursue. Looking back my ambition was to secure a […]

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