Whether you are looking to buy, sell or grow your business, we can provide the expertise needed to move the project forward. We will be with you from the start to completion, leaving you to focus on running your business.

Management Buy Outs / Ins

Management buy outs are another way of buying or selling a business – it is a sale of the business to a management team. However, in most cases, you as a group of managers will not have the funds to buy the business and will require assistance from banks, private equity and the vendor. This can make it a complex transaction with multiple parties involved.

If you are a business owner, or a manager in a business, we can help you structure an MBO that is at the right value, is affordable and can be funded by the investors that suit you. If your deal needs private equity, we know our way around the private equity market, so we can get the right deal for you and the vendor.

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Private Equity Transactions

The mention of private equity often scares people off, but it covers a whole range of investor types, and is often mis-represented in the media. Private equity is often synonymous with taking advantage of distressed companies, or with highly leveraged buy outs. But there is another side. In the lower-mid market, private equity funds take on a different guise, and increasingly offer an excellent solution for management, or owner managers, buying, selling, or growing their business.

Having worked with private equity firms for a number of years we firmly believe they have a lot to offer growing, ambitious SMEs in supporting management buyouts, partial or full exits.

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Business Sale

Putting your business up for sale is often the pinnacle of a lifetime of hard work and effort. It is something you can only do once, so it pays to prepare and execute properly.

We are experts at preparing and selling businesses, ensuring our clients achieve the maximum value possible. From the outset, we help you set realistic goals and expectations. Then we support you through the whole process, from identifying and approaching the right strategic buyers, to negotiating the commercials terms and assisting you through due diligence, the legal process and on to a successful completion.

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Acquisition Support

The right strategic acquisition, well planned and well executed, can be an excellent way to make a step change towards growing your business. Organic growth is tough. However, an acquisition in the UK or abroad is no magic bullet either and needs to be carefully planned, executed and integrated.

As with any business project an acquisition must have a well-considered strategic rationale. We can help you decide where to start and how to consider who is the right target and why.

The key message is that you don’t have to wait for acquisition opportunities to come to you. The best results often come from a proactive search process. We can help you clarify your strategy, identify and approach your targets, negotiate a deal with them, find and agree funding and complete your acquisition.

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Debt Advisory

Over the last few years, the debt options available to SMEs have expanded. Whereas once, the only option was the high street banks, there is now a range of alternative lenders, challenger banks, debt funds, and high net worth individuals willing to lend money to businesses.

By knowing what is available in the market we can advise on the right options for growth capital, refinancing or to fund a management buyout and help you to understand what this means for your business.

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Strategic Advice & Financial Modelling

Business sales, MBOs and acquisitions all require strategic advice. Before embarking on one of these major projects, we can help you to analyse your past, prepare a financial model of your business’ future and develop your business plan for you and your team.

Owner managers rarely get the time to sit back and think about the direction their business is taking. We know that feeling. We can provide the experience and resources to work alongside you to assist your business, and your team, to achieve your ultimate goals.