Date:November 2021
Project:Acquisition Support
Sector:Business Services
Role:Financial analysis and modelling support for the acquisition


Forward support Agilico on acquisition of INVU

Founded in 1997, INVU’s product suite spans invoice processing, document management, workflow, purchase order automation and collaboration software. This exciting acquisition complements Agilico’s proven expertise in document management and adds valuable and important capabilities to its portfolio. INVU also represents a highly-extensible digital foundation through which the company can build and integrate new solutions.


This investment represents a significant step in Agilico’s mission to build a comprehensive and compelling set of workplace technologies. INVU adds 300 valued customers to the group and further deepens its expertise in delivering and developing software solutions.


Forward provided financial support to Agilico on the transaction, collating financial data, assessing historical performance and KPIs, and building a fully integrated financial model to feed into the due diligence process.


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