Date:September 2021
Project:Management Advisory
Role:Advisor to management on sale of company


Forward advise management team of Goodfellow on the acquisition by Battery Ventures

Forward is delighted to have advised the management team of Goodfellow during the sale of the business to Battery Ventures, a global, technology-focused investment firm.


Goodfellow is a specialist supplier of high-quality materials for research and development, prototyping and specialized manufacturing. Headquartered in Huntingdon, the Company has subsidiaries in China, France, Germany and the United States to serve its global customer base.


Customers include advanced manufacturers, government research facilities, laboratories and top universities worldwide. Clients turn to Goodfellow to procure high-quality raw materials and semi-fabricated components that meet the most rigorous quality standards for their research as well as specialized manufacturing requirements, such as new product prototyping.


Goodfellow’s extensive product catalog includes more than 70,000 products, consisting of over 700 different materials in multiple forms, including alloys, ceramics, composites, compounds, glass, metals and polymers. In addition, the company also provides custom-made services for its clients. By employing highly sophisticated scientists and engineers, with extensive technical knowledge of materials and their processing requirements, Goodfellow collaborates with its customers to recommend suitable materials and products to meet the requirements of their specific applications.


The sale process was led by KPMG advising the vendors. And having built a relationship with the management team over the last few years, Forward were in a good position to work alongside the management team and provide support and specific advice on reinvestment terms into Newco, ensuring they were well positioned for the future.


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